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Gävlegruppen has relocated to the following address:
Färnebo folkhögskola (former "Unga Kris" facilities), Drottninggatan 48,  803 10 Gävle.

Uppsalagruppen has announced that their meetings are currently paused, and will remain so until after the Summer.

We welcome Uppsalagruppen to the DAA fellowship. They have closed step meetings on Saturdays between 17-18 starting on the 3rd of February.

Villighetsgruppen has changed the time for their Saturday meeting, the new time is between 10-11 from January 20th and onwards.

Högdalsgruppen - new meeting for women on Thursdays between 17:30-18:30 starting Januari 25th.

The group "Barn av vår tid" in Hudiksvall has decided to close down and therefore their meetings are no longer available.

Högdalsgruppen - new meeting wednesdays at 18

Villighetsgruppen has changed meeting day and time to Saturdays between 11-12.

Citygruppen has decided to suspend their Wednesday meetings until further notice.

On Sunday the 5th of November, Villighetsgruppen relocates to the following address:
Folkets Hus i Rågsved, Rågsvedstorget 11, 1 tr.

At the same time, a new journey in the Big Book begins, this time using the newly translated
version published during 2017! We will all thereby be beginners again. As usual, a walk through
of the disease concept will be provided separately if requested, and the new Big Book will be available.

Come by and hang around with us from 15:00. The meeting is between 16-17.

Flempangruppen has decided to close down and therefore their meetings are no longer available.

Moskegruppen is closed and is since the 10th of October instead a part of Högdalsgruppen,
which therefore extends their meetings with the classical Sunday meeting at 11:00.
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