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On Sunday the 5th of November, Villighetsgruppen relocates to the following address:
Folkets Hus i Rågsved, Rågsvedstorget 11, 1 tr.

At the same time, a new journey in the Big Book begins, this time using the newly translated
version published during 2017! We will all thereby be beginners again. As usual, a walk through
of the disease concept will be provided separately if requested, and the new Big Book will be available.

Come by and hang around with us from 15:00. The meeting is between 16-17.

Flempangruppen has decided to close down and therefore their meetings are no longer available.

Moskegruppen is closed and is since the 10th of October instead a part of Högdalsgruppen,
which therefore extends their meetings with the classical Sunday meeting at 11:00.

Moskegruppen's meetings temporarily resting due to relocation to a new facility.

Södergruppen has decided to suspend their meeting on Fridays until further notice.
The groups in Örebro and Handen are closed.
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